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Do you need our car removal service? Do you have a junk car crowding the space in your driveway? Are you wasting insurance money on a car that doesn’t run anymore? Fill in our short car removal request form and get rid of your scrap car today!

What Vehicles Are Accepted?

We accept every type of vehicle from car, to truck, to motorcycle as long as it is intact and inclusive of all major motor parts. In a case where the vehicle has been stripped of one or more of its main components (engine, transmission, doors, bumper, etc.), we may not be able to offer free removal, but we will direct you to the most economical alternative to get rid of your vehicle.

Fill in our short car removal request form for a quick, easy and hassle-free solution. Do I Need the Vehicle Registration Papers? Majority of the time, we will request the vehicle registration papers and your signature to indicate a transfer of ownership. If you do not have the registration papers or you are not the owner of the vehicle, usually we will accept photo ID and a written note granting permission for the vehicle’s removal..

On the other hand, if the vehicle has been abandoned or does not belong to you, we suggest that you contact your local police station to inform them of the situation. The Metropolitan Toronto Police will promptly arrange for the removal of any abandoned or illegally-parked vehicles.

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