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Toronto Auto Wreckers

We will pay the highest price for your scrap or junk cars, vans, trucks, and suvs.Just give us a call with your vehicle details including make, model and year or you can complete a quote request on our website.

Scrap Yard Toronto

Scrap Car Removal Company is a Toronto based scrap car removal company and auto scrap yard in Toronto. We purchase scrap cars from residents of Toronto and pay top dollars for their scrap autos. All the scrap autos.

Car Recycling Services

We offer top dollar for all vehicles, so give us a call and we’ll take it off your hands. Just because your car won’t start doesn’t mean it stops being useful. We’ll pay cash for your junk car or truck, even if it doesn’t run.

Scrap Car Removal Company

To recycle a car that you are no longer using became easy due to the internet, but before going to Google searching for the best scrap car removal Toronto company, you need to estimate your junk car removal cost so that you can expect the best cash for your scrap car in your area. Next step is to shop around by calling some auto recycling companies which deals with junk yards for the sake of getting the best price. Good luck.

The scrap cars removal companies will be interested in the extraction of scrap metal and spare parts from your old car. They normally split the good condition parts from the junk ones; they will reuse the good condition ones to repair a car in a good condition for resold or sell off as a complete unit. The removed parts are less expensive than the units if it is in a good condition. Our company make sure to take the remaining shell to a shredder where its cut and crashed into small parts.

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What We Do

When you recycle your scrap vehicle with Canadian Auto Wreckers, you should know that you are causing less harm to the environment since all of our processes are environmentally safe and your unwanted vehicle will not end up leaking toxic chemicals in a landfill.

Our Mission

Scrapping your old car is hard decision, but once you get the right solution you will end up seeing yourself helping the environment, getting some cash and gain extra space in your garage.

Our Vision

Echo-Friendly disposal of your car. Remove your Junk Car by offering FREE towing for your unwanted vehicle. Pay you the best cash for your scrap car. 24/7 junk car pickup in the Greater Toronto Area including Toronto.

Our About

If you are a company or individual who is interest to buy scrap car, you will first thinking of going to the internet searching for junk cars sellers. The interest may vary between searching for engine part's or body repair or mechanical assembly.Just make sure when you buy junk car for the sake of using some of its parts for your running car, to choose the right one. In some cases you may go for older model than yours as it has the same required parts and you could save some money.

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